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Fransiska Pujadi
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Fransiska Pujadi
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I want to see you too. I had a dream last night. To put it simply, there was a long moment where neither of us said anything, but we just mourned for all that had happened. We knew we're couldn't go back. But we stood there and saw each other, and grieved the loss of a beautiful friendship. I think it helped me have closure.

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I have one picture that I'll never delete, because it reminds me that I wasn't imagining or making things up. It's proof that you were sober, engaged in the moment, and fully aware of the fact that it was 100% real.

I miss myself. I miss being able to trust you. I miss my heart. I miss you. Even when I'm in your arms, I miss you. If I could heal my heart and let you into it again, I wouldn't feel so lonely.