Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites: The sweet strawberry and tart cream cheese play together really well, and with the salty graham cracker crust there’s just no going wrong here. It’s a simple combination that is just so good!

Product photography tips - make your products pop in your photos! Great post for bloggers and handmade business owners.

Product Photography Tips For Crafters

Product Photography tips for Crafters and Handmade shops. This is a must read for handmade business owners.

Packaging / Noa Relaxation by Super Tuesday

30 Beautiful & Creative Bottle Designs

Amazing photography style Photography ideas: staging your comic with related props. For example, these bottles are staged with the fruit that is in their ingredients.

Product photography and that perfect white background

Here's an interesting thread from thephotoforum about achieving a white background for a product shot using an indoor lighting setup.

Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center

Buy your Deluxe Art Center here. The Deluxe Art Center is a budding artist's dream come true! This unique kid's sized art table is perfect for your kid's playroom

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