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Умелые ручки

Tulip Abaya – Grey - Lana Lik - Modest Clothing Boutique

Tulip Abaya – Grey / Abaya Dress / Hijab Dress / Gray Abaya Dress / Plus Size Abaya / Plus Size Abaya Dress / Maxi Dress with Sleeves

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My favorite style of abaya. I like the color block and the kimono shape

Al-Zahra Open Abaya - Nude

HANAA is a modest fashion brand that celebrate the Abaya and Hijab as a powerful expression of a woman's individuality.

Diamond Contrast Abaya Black color This new bold dress from SHUKR is sure to turn heads- and all for the right reasons, of course. The cleverly colored panels in the front and back add a flash of drama while creating super easy movement and an extra modest silhouette. The diamond design on the sleeves adds cohesiveness and interest to the overall look.

In dual color abaya you can add your favorite color. Fit and flare form abaya are in great style tha