Honda's new mini vehicle N Box+ makes its way into Japanese markets. Based on the N Box city car, the new version will have additional cargo space with a well designed retractable aluminum slope which makes loading and unloading activities easier. This ramp can be folded and stored under the boot when not in use.

Honda Japan reveals amazingly mini minivan - N Box+ with engine


Mazda Motor Corporation, Japanese auto manufacturers have launched their new minivan named Flairwagon in Japan. Three versions of the Flairwagon are being offered – LS, XS and TS and each of these models are available in either front or all wheel dri


Daihatsu Basket, A utilitarian Kei car which boasted 4 wheel drive that could be configured as a convertible or a 2 seat pick-up (Carsthatnevermadeit)

daihatsu concept

Concept cars or prototype cars with highly creative design is back in style. At times concept cars are manufactured for showcasing an automaker’s technology and at others they provide ideas for future design direction as well as for measuring public rea


tokyo motor show daihatsu concept cars: shocase, pico, d x

city car

The Nissan Cube. Lives up to it's name in the coolest manner

Yutaka Takanashi, Loop road 7, Suginami-Ku, 1965, Galerie Priska ©

Yutaka Takanashi

Throughout Japanese photographer Yutaka Takanashi's career he photographed Tokyo city. Always capturing the city in changing perspectives, sometimes from a distance, sometimes close up and in some instances from the window of a moving car.

tanto green 2004

tanto green 2004

daihatsu tanto purple

daihatsu tanto purple


Buy Daihatsu Tanto 2003 by on The model was created on real car base.