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A hijab is a headscarf that covers the hair. The niqab covers everything except the eyes. A burqa covers the whole face and has a see-through veil by

A Guide to Islamic Head Coverings (not everything is a burqa) It is a gesture of respect, not submission.

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Fabulous Hijab Winter Outfits to Copy Now . Flip through to find our favorite looks for the season--to keep you looking cute and staying warm all seas

A woman in a hijab does not mean a woman without personality, independence, or a love of beauty. She is simply a woman who has decided to take charge of her own body, to present it in a way that forces people to see her as more than an objectified body whose value lies in her appearance. I don't wear the hijab, but even I can appreciate that this is female empowerment.

Hijab /henna beauty of a muslimah mashaAllah. colored Henna very pretty!

Modest Street Fashion | Hashtag Hijab

All the fashionista hijabis looking for latest winter hijab styling trends and ideas how to style hijab in winter with other outfits ,this post is for you.

Hijab street style looks | Just Trendy Girls

I’m presenting in this collection some stylish hijab street styles for women which are very chic & comfy; the hijab street styles looks are