Crumpler Wishlist
36 Pin16 Pengikut
Kill the Messenger (limited edition). #Crumpler_Messenger_Bags
Light Delight Foldable Backpack - is a versatile Backpack that can be folded down and packed away to be a hipster or opened out to accommodate your day gear as a backpack!
The Track Jack Board Case is a super flexible and friendly travel companion. With three different carry modes (backpack, side carry and over the shoulder), you'll be ready for any occasion....
By popular demand, the entire Muli collection has got a healthy injection of colour. Check the entire range out here
Dinky Di Backpack - L - Crumpler
Private Surprise Backpack - 15"W - Crumpler
Prime Cut #Backpack by #Crumpler
Crumpler Priivate Surprise Backpack on a pier in Greece
Crumpler Light Delight Messenger. #Crumpler #Messenger_Bag
The Gimp 13" - If you have a tablet, e-reader or laptop then you have got to have a Gimp. The Gimp doesn't care if you rock an iPad, Kindle, Nexus, Macbook or Mini; it just wants to keep your device safe while looking good.