Bloody Halloween

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there are two bottles of liquid and a sign on the table that says hydration station
Nursing theme party blood type O- cranberry juice and 7 up urine sample lemonade nurse graduation
four glasses filled with red liquid sitting on top of a black table next to each other
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Bloody Shirley Temples~T~ These are so cute. Use Sprite or 7-up, suck up Grenadine in syringe and place in glass. For adults add some vodka.
three different shots are being made with halloween vampire cocktails, and one is holding a knife
Halloween Vampire Cocktail
Vampire Cocktail - Self Proclaimed Foodie
several glasses filled with different types of food and garnish on top of each other
Dallas Wedding Photographer, Wedding Reception Food of 2010
Chips and Salsa Appetizers
two cookies with white and red icing are on a black surface, one is broken in half
Vampire Cookies - Baking Bites
Vampire Cookies | Baking Bites
three jars filled with red liquid and straws next to two syringes on a table
Weekend Cheers: Bloody Shirley Temple
Weekend Cheers: Bloody Shirley Temple
How to Make Fake Blood with Flour Bad Christmas, Gunshot Wound, Scary Decorations, Halloween 3, Zombie Costume, Kitchen Surfaces, Face Painting Halloween, Fx Makeup, Easy Craft Projects
DIY Crafts | ehow
How to Make Fake Blood with Flour
two glasses filled with fruit and ice next to sliced oranges
Non-Alcoholic Sangria
15 Easy Pitcher Cocktails for Your Next Party
chicken wings on a blue plate next to a cup of coffee and an orange napkin
Blood-red ribs & wings
Pork ribs and chicken wings covered in a sweet chilli sauce
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