Fitri Annisa

Fitri Annisa

This is the only real one! 11/37 #C13
Fitri Annisa
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thoughts of you ->the morning sun formed dots of light on my walls, theyd dance across my face all the way to my toes giving way to the butterflies caused by you and your smile memories


We are the problem and we are the solution. We may need to look outside ourselves for help and assistance, but everything we need to fix our current situations (so long as we're supposed to! And if we don't have it at the exact time we thin

must set to rise.

Coldplay - Paradise 💕 So lying underneath those stormy skies, she'd say "oh-oh, i know the sun must set to rise".


Seal of Approval! I am going to buy a toy stuffed animal seal, and when a student does something really well I am going to give them my "seal of approval" for the day/week :)