" DAYAK CULTURE OF KALIMANTAN " by Prayudi nugraha

Culture, Dayak Culture of Kalimantan, This is one of cultural or traditional clothes of borneo tengah.ini is saber dance clothes

canting batik, yogyakarta Indonesia

Canting, the tool for making batik tulis (hand-drawn)

indonesian girls | More About Indonesia

Legong dancer in Bali,her dress was embroidered complicated with basic shape of Indonesian Region

Tari Merak Jawa Barat 300x201 Macam Macam Tarian Tradisional Indonesia

Merak dance is a traditional folk dance originating from Pasundan land, West Java. This dance was created by Raden Tjetjep Somantri in and it had been rearrange by Irawati Durban in Merak in English means Peacock bird.