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loves chaos and destruction. has a bit of a god complex. isn't exceptionally skilled in anything, but will gladly engage in battles. has no problems killing/playing dirty.

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"Your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Love the t shirt  Reminds me of the shimada brothers  Hehe overwatch fangirl  The hair too

Olympus International High School Basketball Team - The New and Interested (in the main character) Player

fashion illustration

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a knit version of the top could be interesting. of course a bit longer. i don't want my tum tum showing.


A pretty transparent shawl with an orange collared shirt, black loose pleated pants and black mule heels. A minimalistic sketch.

Lều Khều Biết Yêu Chap 20

Makoto and Haruhi Fujioka are the beloved twins daughters of Ryoji " Ranka" Fujioka and Kotoko Fujioka. Makoto is older than Haruhi by five minutes.

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