(Health Information) Tanya-tanya tentang kesehatan?

(Sharing information about health that is around us everyday lives) Berbagi info seputar kesehatan yang ada disekitar kehidupan kita sehari-hari. (Ask questions or share advice about health.) Bertanya atau berbagi saran tentang kesehatan. ~World without limits, limitless learning~
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Kesehatan anak? (Children/ paediatrics healthy)

Health care had hot September, adding jobs . Health care is in the midst of at least a temporary jobs boom, government figures indicate. Published by the Cincinnati Business Courier—Oct.

white spots on the face?  Sometime, everybody thought that white spot on their face cause by directly sweat rinsed with water, or directly sun light.  But, we have to know that there's so many "caused" on white spot on our face. Like; Infection, fungus, sign & symptomps of Cancer, and many more. . . .

Simple Acne Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girls - Home Remedies For Acne Treatment

Sakit didaerah kepala? (Headache)

Get paid to cure your cluster headaches with this new study/trial! I apparently get a lot of cluster headaches. Who knew. Headache Types: Types of Headaches - A Visual Description

Seputar asma?

Asthma is one of the top reasons for chronic illness. Asthma attack usually gets one panicking. Asthma is triggered as any foreign particle comes in contact

Seputar kehamilan? (Pregnancy)

Tips to get pregnant fast and ease. How to get pregnant faster naturally? Are your trying to conceive, tips for women on how to get pregnancy fast. Natural tips to get early pregnancy by studying ovulation calculations.

Nyeri disekitar perut?

4 Tips Terbebas dari Rasa Nyeri dan Kram Perut Saat Menstruasi

Nyeri disekitar dada? Apa penyebabnya? (Chest pain)

Nyeri disekitar dada? Apa penyebabnya? (Chest pain)