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Share your thoughts with others. Bring people together. Introduce your old friends to your new friends.

How Do You Let Go Of Something That Never Was?

100 Ways to be Flawless Find a trait in a person that drives you wild. A trait you love, something completely different from their overall appearance. Love the way a person blinks, or laughs, or cries.

I’ll Never Stop Loving You, But I Don’t Know...

What I wish for whenever I see a shining star, whenever the clock turns is you.

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“Azul” by Agua Calientes, originally released on FlockHauS and licensed by Kutmusic, is included in the digital compilation “Winter Chillout & Lounge Songs” (Ibiza Lounge Records) released today on the main digital music stores!

I Hate The Way I Don’t Hate You At All

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opiate overdose deaths are on the rise and not dropping.

Why I Will Never Be The One For You

I can’t give you the love you deserve, because everyone deserves someone who loves them for who they are, and not the person they could be.