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a paper snowflake on top of a brown and white polka doted bag
a card made with washi tape and some crafting supplies on top of it
Thinking About You card
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a greeting card with colorful felt flowers on it
Cased Birthday Card
Simple theme but really cute!
a christmas card with a snowman on it's face and ribbon around the neck
Barb Mann Stampin' Up! Demonstrator - SU - Christmas Traditions Punch Box, Good Greetings - inspired by Wendy Lee
a card with four different colored toothbrushes on it that says make a wish
Birthday Card
four christmas cards with red stars on them
Send A Handmade Holiday Greeting This Year
a handmade christmas card with a pink ribbon on the top and writing, wishing you the best this holiday season
Finally. An idea for all that ribbon I seem to have.
a card with a snowflake design on it
snowflake wreath card...with punches & pearls...soft blues
snowflake wreath card...with punches & pearls...soft blues by AthenaGrayson
three cards with pictures of birds on them
Recycling book pages
a table with some cards and a vase on top of it next to a paper sticker
The Olive Dragonfly: Pin It Do It Challenge - Ombre Dragonfly Art Cards - Potential craft club project?
four pictures showing how to make a paper flower with ribbon and polka dot trimmings
~Woven Flower Tutorial~
For Scrapping Out Loud: ~Woven Flower Tutorial~
a white card with pink flowers on it and the words thanks for making my life sparkle
a card with two pieces of red puzzle on it and the words you complete me
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Immagine di love
a card that has hearts on it
Stitched Hearts
valentine card
a white frame with a heart cut out of it on top of a page that says handmade valentines cards for her
19 Cards To Make In One Hour | PaperCrafter Blog