Whale Watching

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Catherine Seiler
A whale of a time - Humpback whale breaching the surface of the Bay of Fundy

A whale of a time

We were sent this video of a magnificent Humpback whale breaching the surface of the Bay of Fundy last Friday. Sandy Seliga was vacationing from Toronto and ...

whale watching, this has always been my dream what i would do if i could do anything

10 essential dolphin and whale-watching trips

From whales in Iceland to the pink penguins of Hong Kong harbour, here's ten of our favourite holidays for seeing whales and dolphins, taken from the pages of t

Beautiful Orca Whale!

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A day about to go straight to .......

Helt hvalvittig!

Med et kjempehopp knuser en enorm bardehval på flere titalls tonn den sørafrikanske seilbåten.

Southern Right Whale


Southern Right Whale (Ballena Franca Austral, Eubalaene australis) spotted at the Península Valdés, Patagonia, Argentina in December 2008

Humpback whale

Vacationing with this guy in the Silver Bank off of Turks and Caicos.

Fun fact: Humpback whales annually migrate to the Silver Bank. They all fancy, huh?

Wonderful photo of Humpback Whale by Penny Graham from Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours out of Brier Island, N.S.

Whale hello there: Humpback whale's stunning backflip caught on camera | CBC News

You've heard of a whale of a tale, but one whale watcher has a whale of a photo.

Swimming with whales: Love these photos: - Genesis 1:20 Then God said: “Let the waters swarm with living creatures . . 21 And God created the great sea creatures and all living creatures that move and swarm in the waters according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 26 Then God said: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, AND LET THEM HAVE IN SUBJECTION THE FISH OF THE SEA 31 After that God saw everything he had made, and look! it was very good

YAHglobal - Hawaii Travel Guide for Travelers...Not Tourists

Hawaii Travel Guide for Travelers...Not Tourists

Must WATCH! This is BEAUTIFUL! What are animals thinking and feeling? Plz repin!

What are animals thinking and feeling?

What's going on inside the brains of animals? Can we know what, or if, they're thinking and feeling? Carl Safina thinks we can. Using discoveries and anecdotes that span ecology, biology and behavioral science, he weaves together stories of whales, wolves, elephants and albatrosses to argue that just as we think, feel, use tools and express emotions, so too do the other creatures – and minds – that share the Earth with us.


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