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XodusTech Raspberry Pi Pocket

Here we are sharing a cheaper Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket or Pi-Pocket, in which you can play all the fancy games as well as classic old games, with the same button layout as of Gameboy Pocket but with colourful Screen.

Hackitbuildit uses the open source syncing service Owncloud to control the data, and the Raspberry Pi is set up to with an external hard disk and wireless network card. From there, it's all about setting up the server, and then getting Owncloud installed. The end result is your own server and syncing service that you control so you never have to deal with terms of service or outages.

Raspberry Pi Owncloud: Dropbox is great, but sometimes you want to be in control of your own files. If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can build your own personal cloud storage service

Raspberry Pi Gameboy - Travis Brown has taken an old Gameboy and replaced the internal workings with a Raspberry Pi mini PC to create an awesome portable retro gaming handheld console. The Pi-Pocket as it has been named by Travis is capable of playing Gameboy, NES, Sega Master System, Game Gear games.

Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building projects using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC might be interested in this fantastic Raspberry Pi Gameboy