LOVE this pic of the Answer Me 1988 cast!

25 Delightful photos of the Answer Me 1988 cast hanging out on set

can't get enough of his smile!!! #parkbogum #bogummy

I'm looking at this photo exactly the same position. Just that I'm lying on the couch and he's sitting.

Our short summer passed and so did my love And the image of you disappeared with the waves Now no one replies even if I call your name You became a memory now My summer days won't come back again They won't come back again

1 hour ago, valNK said: Like if DS doesnt fight back to BR, just stay nice and obey her sister, so what else to say abt DS?

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Waaaa thank you for the BTS video~~~~ Kyakakakakak they're so cute and act lovey dovey together~~~ while with Junyeol and Donghwi, Hyeri always be playful.