Herpes simplex virus

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Why Feminine Hygiene Is So Important And What To Do About It

Feminine hygiene means staying healthy and preventing diseases through practices of cleanliness. It involves grooming yourself and making hygienic decisions daily. The best way to keep excellent personal hygiene is to have a daily routine that you strictly maintain.

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10 Easy Ways To Stop Vaginal Itching

Vaginal itching & discomfort is a real pain, not to mention embarrassing. Check out these 10 natural treatments for vaginal itching. They work like a dream.

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How to Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

Learn how to prevent outbreaks of both oral and genital herpes simplex virus.

Dating with Confidence and Herpes - Project Female

Learning that you have herpes can be devastating, but it’s not the end of the world. There are conversations that change your life forever. That talk with your doctor on the day he told that you had contracted genital herpes is likely one of them. You may never be able to forget how you felt at that exact moment – ... Read More

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Why I Love Telling People I Have Herpes

Breaking the STD's stigma one disclosure at a time

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Sex with Herpes

In 2018 the World Health Organization announced that 417 million people have genital herpes worldwide (aka 11% of the population) and 3.7 billion people have oral herpes - over two-thirds of all humans. Given these statistics, it’s actually pretty likely you already have it and have had sex with someone that has it too! However, despite herpes being a common experience for many of us (some of us unknowingly), we are far from normalizing the virus. Though herpes may complicate things…

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19 Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About Herpes

For example, that most people have it. And yeah, that might include you. And no, it shouldn’t ruin your life.

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Top 10 Highest L-Lysine-Rich Foods (It Fights Herpes…and Maybe Even Cancer)

Your body can't make l-lysine, so it's important to get enough from the right foods.

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How to Treat Genital Herpes: Can Natural Remedies Help?

How to Treat Genital Herpes Naturally. Genital herpes is a viral sexually-transmitted infection (STI) that causes uncomfortable sores around your genital and anal region. These sores can come and go in periodic outbreaks, and you could...

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Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold sores are a very painful and unsightly problem that is triggered by the herpes simplex virus, which often remains dormant for...

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Activated charcoal shown to make herpes medication more effective

​Acyclovir is one of the most commonly-used herpes-treatment drugs. It can also damage the kidneys, however, so the less of it that's used, the better. According to a new study, combining the drug with activated carbon helps make it more effective, so a smaller amount of it is required.

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Helpful Options for Shingles and Herpes Relief

Helpful options for Shingles and Herpes include supplements and avoiding foods that trigger Herpes. Stress management herbs help immune function. And more.

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The Effect of Turmeric on Herpes | Livestrong.com

Herpes infections are caused by the herpes simplex virus and include HSV type 1, which commonly causes cold sores around the mouth and face, and HSV type 2, which affects the genitals, buttocks and anal area.