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Best non swearing insults

You remind me of twilight, you're completely disgusting. When your mom gave birth to you, she was arrested for littering. Wow your face makes Voldemort look like a male model.


My friend has this disease and she said that the hiccups were slowly killing her and to be polite I only laughed internally even though I was still talking to her on the phone and she couldn't see me.

Teachers Ask Kids Some Simple Questions. They Weren't Expecting These Responses...

Funny pictures about Kids Have The Best Comebacks. Oh, and cool pics about Kids Have The Best Comebacks. Also, Kids Have The Best Comebacks photos.

This woman's husband got banned from #WalMart. The reasons why are brilliant! #Lol #Hilarious

This guy is my hero! Banned from Wally World for have a sense of humor. No funning business here, people! ~ This is so funny, omg. I wonder if it's true. If it is Walmart is just.