DAMN Powder Room.

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Anvil Hotel

New York City-based Studio Tack transforms a motel into a modern property that incorporates local culture into its cosmopolitan design and execution.

Powder Room

What's New, What's Next: Bathroom Design Trends for 2017 (Apartment Therapy Main)


The bedroom’s adjoining bathroom is a brightly colored space with glass mosaic tiled walls and a custom back-etched mirror.


The private client commissioned KNOF Design to transform it into a contemporary and luxury penthouse living environment as their new home


KNOF design has completed its first major commission: the remodelling of a spectacular penthouse in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, uniting two separa


Heat 360 house features living-room shower and cantilevered staircase

Powder Room Inspiration.

Panamby by Fabio Galeazzo Design is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is an incredibly artsy home filled with color, graffiti style art, geometric shapes an

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