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Silly Side Of Si Ipud: #Sipud1stGiveAway

Silly Side Of Si Ipud: #Sipud1stGiveAway

That's true! You don't have any authority to judge.

don't judge my choices.people do!And don't judge me by what you hear from others they may have a evil little reason behind there stories. if you know me you know my heart .

Fact; girls and boys

the thought that boys act differently than their intentions always makes me feel doubtful and freaked

Bibimbap ^^

The famous Korean dish: Bibimbap - my favorite sans the egg (which does cook as you stir all the parts together as the bowl is sizzling hot!) The rice on the bottom snaps, crackles, and pops!

I am (w)here are you?

simple design and yet caught my eye because of how the text was positioned and invited me to look deeper at the poster than just 2 seconds. But yet was able to communicate the information clearly and effectively.

how can i move on when I'm still in love with you? - the script, the man who can't be moved

"and half my heart got a right mind to tell you that I can't keep loving you. with only half my heart" - John Mayer