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Perhaps if the Kardasians would stop selfishly blowing money on ridiculous things, they could dig into their pockets and help these poor, helpless people.

Kauai, Hawai - 30 Extraordinary Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

Kauai, Hawai - 30 Extraordinary Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind Do yourself a favor and click through to these photos. So many new places on my bucket list, and Iceland was already on there but jumped a few spot ahead.


“ Maui Waterfalls - Honokohau Falls It’s very GREEN here. Honokohau Falls is said to be the tallest waterfall on Maui. It plunges in two tiers for a total of 1600 feet — making it the second highest.

Biafra, 1969~ "I was devastated by the sight of 900 children living in one camp in utter squalor at the point of death," he said. "I lost all interest in photographing soldiers in action."

Don McCullin, is one of the world's most gifted war photographer, whose unflinching photographs brought the horror of war into the homes of the UK throughout the and

no excuse for a child to go hungry

I utterly REJECT the idea that an all loving all knowing all powerful god would allow so much needless suffering, especially by children. Religion, God is Imaginary, Children, Starvation. And tell me again - WHY - should I believe in god?