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a dog sitting on top of a couch next to another dog with it's head in its mouth
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a yellow lab wearing a blue collar and harness
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a dog wearing a sweater with the caption did you know? sergeant stuuby, the hero dog of ww1, once caught a german soldier by the seat of his pants and held him
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an old man is petting a gorilla in the middle of a text message that reads, most people have heard of koko, the gorilla who can speak about 10 words in
I remember reading about Koko in elementary. And watching Mr. Rogers in kindergarten
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a text message that reads, i was offered random day off due to an over staff
a cat sleeping on top of a bed with the caption dad we are not feeding at fecal cat also
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an elephant laying down with its trunk on top of another elephant's head and caption that reads elephants brain react to humans the same way that humans
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