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Humor from Russian Rite Byzantine Catholic, monarchist INTP. (So if it’s weird, obscure, or confusing, if you die of a pun-overdose, if you explode from extreme…
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Celestial Hierarchy Understander | Biblically Accurate Angels / Be Not Afraid | Know Your Meme


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jesus said


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He Don’t Eat No Meat?
Design Fails And Wins From The World
…or you’re Byzantine at all: there are no eggs or dairy products all Lent either! And that’s only a fraction of the fasting in a year! 😠👍 Bonus if you can’t digest meat anyway & so you haven’t eaten any for decades.


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Eastern Orthodox Ryan Gosling
Eastern Orthodox Ryan Gosling
What’s the most romantic language? Old Church Slavonic prob. didn’t make the list. 😏

Eastern Orthodox Ryan Gosling

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‘Philippe, the Postmodern Evangelist: “I think he is writing about all of us,” said Philippe.…“What exactly does this mean?” [asked the Ethiopian Eunuch]…“What do YOU think it means?” asked Philippe.…“Well, it is true that I am a Christ-follower, and my tradition does impose certain meanings on this text. But I would not want to force my truth claims on you.…As you see, we are both on a journey; and we both find ourselves on the same road. So, it follows that our destination is also the same…
‘“Yeah, go and pray to your magic, invisible friend in the sky,” Cooper wrote, launching the missive that may bring about the end of Christendom as we know it.…“I’m going to have to take some time to process this unassailable ‘magic invisible friend’ comment.” Keller further reported he’s taking some time off from his pastoring and writing as he works through whether or not he believes in God anymore.’
‘Sport a three-piece suit, just like the apostles did. The second Jesus ascended into heaven, the apostles sprinted to the nearest factory suit outlet and got fitted for Italian suits at great discount prices.’

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Outdoor wedding? Is outrage!

Grumpy Orthodox Cat

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Campfires and Cleats: Top 7 Pope Francis Memes ~ QT 10/30/15

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Ideas that Don’t Work!

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Thoughtcrimes that Someday Will Be Banned

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23 Funny Pictures and Memes - Funny Gallery


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Bokeh Dogeh

Animal Memes

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Asking Bing if Bing is better than Google


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Insane Theme Park Ride ACCIDENTS - YouTube

Reversed Russian

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Biblically Accurate Angels / Be Not Afraid: Image Gallery - Page 2 (List View) | Know Your Meme

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Ridiculous Customer Demands That Employees Dealt With

New Bolsheviks, Cultural Marxists, SJWs…

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Meanwhile in Russia

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This kind soul invited everyone to join in the celebrations
Based Japanese twitter user roasts a twitter twat | Cultural Appropriation | Know Your Meme
If anybody but a leftist does this, it’s ‘cultural appropriation’!

Culturally Appropriated

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'Damp Squid' Blamed For Everything When It Should Be 'Damp
You can buy real cyberstockings! 😉 (Not a malapropism at this store, but elsewhere. These cool socks just happen to be what that malapropism accidentally refers to.)

Malapropisms & Eggcorns

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Design Failure

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