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a woman is walking down the street with her karate outfit on and she has one hand in her pocket
two men are practicing karate in an old black and white photo
Kumite: Jodan Oi tsuki + Yoko Empi-Uchi
an image of a man doing karate in front of a black and white background with the words vol 26 written below it
@bakimangapanels on IG
a poster with a fist and the words karate written in black on it, against a red background
Karate Japonés de Contacto
Karate Kyokushinkai Japón 2024
an image of karate poster with the names
a man standing on top of a green floor next to a blue and white wall
Kyokushin Karate Switch kick coordination combinations
Kyokushin Karate Switch kick coordination combinations - YouTube
an image of a man doing karate in front of a red and white circular background
El Término japonés Osu, significa «aguantar bajo presión», implica la fuerza de voluntad necesaria para resistir hasta el límite, es como una llamada al interior de cada uno para aguantar, luchar y superar de este modo las debilidades de la condición humana.
an image of some people doing karate
a group of men sitting in front of each other on top of a wooden floor
Judd Reid trained in Japan as an "uchi deshi" under Sosai Masutatsu Oyama from 1990-1993. "Uchi deshi" means live in student and in Kyokushin Karate it was a 1000 day program of training all day every day. The few students chosen to enter the program were known as the "wakajishi" or young lions. The Kyokushin Karate honbu dojo is located in Ikebukuro in Tokyo and this photo is of Sosai and his young lions taken inside the honbu in 1990.
an image of a cartoon character on a wall with japanese characters in the back ground