Ceremonial Hanging (Porilonjong) [Rongkong Toraja people, South Sulawesi, Indonesia] (1990.335.19)

Ceremonial Hanging (Porilonjong) - Rongkong Toraja people - Sulawesi Island, Indonesia - probably century - Metropolitan Museum

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Tana Toraja 'Life revolves around death in this countryside of rice terraces, boat-shaped roofs and doe-eyed buffalo. Tana Torajan funeral ceremonies last days, and involve countless animal sacrifices for the upper classes.

Ikat from Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Pusaka Collection of Indonesian Ikat * Textile Sulawesi, Toraja, Indonesia, Warp ikat

the small square holes are for the coffins, and Tau-Tau above are symbolization of the deceased. Traditional cemetery of Lemo.

If you thought that zombies were only a figment of the imagination of storytellers, well, prepare to have your mind blown. If the rituals of the villagers of Toraja, Indonesia, are to be believed, almost every person who dies can turn into a zombie. Apparently, certain people of the village had and still have the ability to make dead people walk. And I don’t mean that metaphorically.

The Creepy Walking Dead of Tana Toraja By Sumitra on March 2012 Category: Pics, Travel If you thought that zombies were only a figment.

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