Mie Goreng Jawa (Javanese Fried Noodles)

Mie Goreng Java (Javanese Fried Noodles)

Mie Goreng Java Recipe - (Javanese Fried Noodles) --substitute macadamia nuts for candlenuts

fried bananas

Fried bananas ("Goreng Pisang" in Malay Language) is common street food in Malaysia and many Asian countries. This photo attracted my attention because it is unusual.

Indonesian fried vermicelli

indonesian fried vermicelli, bihun goreng Makes servings ingredients: 500 g…


Shrimp & Taro Eggrolls I tried these at a party and had to try making them. I love anything with taro in it.

otak otak

Bahan-bahan otak-otak: daging ikan tenggiri 2 butir putih telur 100 ml santan kental 200 gr tepung sagu 3 batang daun bawang iris 2 siung bawang putih, haluskan 2 sdt gula pasir 1 sdt penyeda…

Sambal Goreng Tempe by Vania Samperuru.

T empe, the soul of Indonesia Culinary. This is one of the food ingredients that almost every week is served on our dining table.

Nasi Uduk #nasi #uduk #indonesian #traditional #food #banana #leaf #photo

say goodbye to cereals, oatmeal, or bread. you will get a Foodgasm with this! trust me.

Rice and beef rendang

Nasi lemak and Rendang. the delicious food on this world. from Indonesia :)

empek empek

Pempek or empek-empek is food from Palembang made ​​of fish and sagu which come from the land of Indonesia.


Klepon, cassava ball sowed with coconut and brown sugar filled. it's truly Indonesian food that you should try!