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four pieces of paper with drawings on them
Creative mail - Snailmail Magazine
three thank cards with the words thanks written on them
ChampaignPaper - Etsy
Champaign Paper has a wide selection of thank you cards for any occasion. Our cards are hand designed, printed, cut, and scored out of our in home studio. Made in Ohio.
various stationery items are laid out on a table with markers, pens and envelopes
DIY Stationary Envelopes using Stamps and Markers
Learn how to make stamped stationary using @tombowusa products and @waffleflower stamps using this DIY by @punkprojects
a woman's hand holding two envelopes with the moon and stars on them
Forest Lore
I'll mail you the moon and the stars
three different pictures of an animal with teeth
Briefumschlag Hund
several pictures of different designs on brown paper
Back to school with creative lunch bags and totes - Think.Make.Share.
Creative Lunch Bag Decorating Ideas with Hallmark artists | thinkmakeshareblog.com #DIY
an envelope is open and closed on top of the other side, with arrows drawn all over it
July 2014 [Pen to Paper] “I Love You” Box — Elephantshoe blog
July 2014 [Pen to Paper] “I Love You” Box
two brown envelopes sitting on top of each other with intricate designs in the middle
DIY Mail Art Envelope Template
doodled envelopes