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社畜街道まっしぐらな独身サラリーマン長谷部 - とうろぐ-刀剣乱舞漫画ログ

I should get a "best uncle" award by now.

The Last Kid Makes It All Worth It - So very true.  How quickly we forget in a mere few years.  Next year, the internet will have been in public use for a mere 20 or so years.  Back when Win95 held sway, there was virtually NO SPAM, Live Journal was popular, and YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Hulu, and so many more didn't exist.  We still had loads of fun 140 characters was not a barrier to communication

Kids React to Game Boys. Oh I wanted to kill them all when I watched this. Except for the last kid. I like that kid" vandewettering seriously? Kill kids/ mad at kids cause they dont understand game boys? Somethings wrong with yiu lol!