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Musings from the Middle School: Strategy - The Graffiti Wall (Engagement Strategies Series)

Combine visual learning and numerical ordering with these DIY number puzzles. Children have to arrange the numbers first, looking to the puzzle as clues to see if they're doing it correctly, which aids in self-assessment skills. Find the instructions here and use the images provided, or for higher grade levels, print more complex photos for your puzzles.

Making your own puzzles is super easy! All you’ll need is Mod Podge, large craft sticks and pictures.

The aim is for the child to sort through the blocks and create towers of the same word families. This game will unfortunately pose the same threats to bare feet as normal LEGO pieces do. You've been warned.

From the beginning of the year until the end, these fun activities will get your students excited about learning. You should definitely go out and get some popsicle sticks for this.