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This is the Daubenhorn Via Ferrata in the Bernese Alps, above the town of Leukerbad, Switzerland
Insane ride in Gelmerbahn canton Bern, Switzerland🇨🇭😍.
several different types of water and trees in the same photo, each with their own caption
This Village Without Roads Looks Like It's From A Fairytale - Awesome
the atlantic road, norway, one of the most breathtaking road trips in the world
This Twitter Page Shares Interesting Facts About The World, And Here Are 45 That Might Surprise You
5 places that look like another planet
the world map with an arrow pointing up to it's right side and text that reads
The longest walkable road of the world is from Capetown to Magdan (Russia), there are bridges across rivers, no boat or air journey is required. It is 22000 kms long, takes 587 days to cover for a person walking 8 hours a day, covers ,17 countries, 6 time zones and the traveller will experience all the seasons and weathers of the world in his journey. - iFunny
an image of two people sitting on the edge of a cliff with water and mountains in the background
pink autumn in bruge belgium
there are four pictures with the words i have to visit lake moraine one day
the lavender fields of valenso, france who would you go with?
the marble caves of patagonia are blue in color and they look like water