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four different types of perfume bottles on a white sheet
Kaiak femenino
there are many different colored bottles in this photo, one is empty and the other has an upside down bottle
a bottle of perfume sitting on top of a colorful surface with the word lagera printed on it
Vida, Beleza, Bottle, Water Bottle
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two bottles of perfume sitting next to each other on top of an orange background with the words'que tal tiar un momento para cuidar de voce? '
the instructions for how to make an espresso in a blender with ingredients
a bottle of shampoo with the words seve on it and an orange background
Óleo Séve
the different types of hair products on display
an ad for the perfume brand lazzamentoo, with instructions on how to use it
an advertisement for a perfume bottle with graffiti on the side and words nox above it
Urbano nox
three lipsticks sitting on top of a table next to some flowers and an envelope