Jasmine Modema

Jasmine Modema

I am a happy girl for everything. I always enjoy a natural panorama everyday. I love you baby...
Jasmine Modema
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Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper adds fun to your romance and it coordinates with any wedding theme. It's stylish black and white it will Give your guests that WOW factor. Truly a one of a kind wedding cake topper.


Big & Tall Groom Figurine Wedding Cake Topper Because we come in all sizes and so do our cake toppers. The manly Big & Tall Groom wedding cake topper figurine is all Man and pairs wonderfully with our curvy Bride (or other bride cake toppers).


Hand Painted Jewish Bride & Groom Porcelain Cake Topper - Celebrate your special day and your culture by adding this hand painted Jewish Bride & Groom Porcelain Cake Topper on your cake.


I received an interesting comment regarding my post last week on the gay bible. His comment sent me into God's word to respond to Him in Truth.


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