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an aerial view of people walking around a sculpture
'please be seated' responds to the rhythm of the community at london design festival
a person is laying on the floor in a room with wooden walls and ceilinging
Gallery of Rammed Earth Yoga Studio / Invisible Studio - 12
a room with wooden slats on the walls and leather couches in the middle
How to Bring Biophilic Design Into Meditation Rooms · anooi
how to bring biophilic design into meditation rooms · anooi
a long row of wooden benches sitting next to each other in front of a stone wall
biophilic meditation room design • anooi studio
How to design a meditation room? With a biophilic design, the space will be particularly soothing and conducive to a restorative practice... → read it on → #BiophilicDesign #Biophilia #NatureInspiredInteriorDesign #Wellbeing #MeditationRoom #MeditationRoomDecor → photo credits on the blog
a collage of images with people in the background and an image of a woman holding a fan
Proyecto Circo Estable Madrid - Cristina Donate Rodríguez
three different views of the same house from each floor to ceiling, with windows and doors