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collage with images of people, flowers and text that reads you love me real or not real?
#thehungergames #katnisseverdeen #peetamellark #katnissandpeeta #katniss #peeta #peetaandkatniss
a woman holding her hands up in the air with words above her and below her
the collage is made up of many different images and words, including an image of a woman's face
Katniss and Lucy Gray 🩶 #thehungergames #theballadofsongbirdsandsnakes #thg #tbosas #katnisseverdeen #lucygraybaird
an old building with the word district 12 painted on it
the poster for the movie x - men days of future past, featuring katniss everdeen
this is a collage i made for katniss, the main character in the hunger games!! i hope you like it😸
two people are sitting on the ground with one person touching his head while another looks at him
katniss everdeen & peeta mellark | everlark | the hunger games | aesthetic
a collage of different images with birds flying over them and the words captain coal
The aesthetic of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series
the poster for the upcoming movie mocking jay, starring actors from all over the world
Hunger Games
MockingJay Part 2
Mockingjay Part 2 Jenifer Lawrence, Mockingjay Part 2
Mockingjay Part 2
a collage of photos with the same woman holding a baby