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What a beast! #LEGO_MOC by peterlmorris

Look ma, no hands!

Eight wheel steering. Thanks to memory and all the technic builders for their help. For such a large vehicle, the Kriegtragen has a remarkable turning radius, a feature which is tactically useful, as the cannon have large forward and rearward blind spots. BS Gallery here when ready.

Lego Zombie Apocalypse

Lego Zombie Apocalypse

Behold! The Lego Zombie Apocalypse! These images tell the tale of a full-blown Legopocalypse. The photos were taken at the Zombie Apocafest at BrickCon in Seattle, 2008.

Post Apocalypse Creations

Post Apocalypse Creations

My LEGO post apocalypse creations

Lego Zombie apocalypse

Lego Zombie apocalypse

If a zombie apocalypse does break out in the land of LEGO some day, there will be a small band of LEGOs prepared to survive.

Zombie Apocalypse LEGO sets — GeekTyrant


Lego Zombie Apocalyptic Semi Truck

"We've been driving for endless days sine we left L.A. I think we're in Arizona. We passed a wrecked trailer, and rebuilt it providing us with more protection. Lucky enough, the wreck trailer had a flame thrower, and a radio. We began picking up strange signals from a place call sanctuary, now we're heading there." Redone, a couple of pieces were changed, and a new trailer

LEGO Zombie Attack Truck


Lego Zombie

¿Como que no hay Zombies de Lego? Esto lo arreglo yo con una Dremel, loctite, pintura y un poco de maña... trrrrrr rrrrrrrr wiiiii tshhhhhhh pun pun pun... Unos minutos despues !LISTO! Visto en Flr...

LEGO ZOMBIE CRAZY SCIENTIST with beaker- Custom Series 1 Minifigure

Best Zombie Gifts Online Store

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LEGO ZOMBIE HAZMAT GUY- Custom Series 1 Minifigure

Haunted Deteriorated Lego House - Mike Doyle

3 Creepy Lego Halloween Houses That Will Haunt You

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we're a mere few weeks away from this haunting season. I am hoping to be invited to some badass party somewhere where I can scare the crap out of all my friends with some awesome costume. As usual, I'll wait and see what comes up. Maybe I will hook up a party myself and see what comes out of that. I haven't decided yet, and I think that the invites will determine that one. As you all know, during this season, there is a landslide of things being created…

Zombie Hunt Lego Diorama Nothing beats an old fashioned zombie attack to get the blood pumpin’: this Zombie Hunt Lego diorama by Justin Vaughn is inspired by Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z.

Zombie Hunt Lego Diorama

Nothing beats an old fashioned zombie attack to get the blood pumpin': this Zombie Hunt Lego diorama by Justin Vaughn is inspired by Max Brooks' Zombie


Lego Zombie Apocalyptic Van

"We’ve been driving for days, racing to find it, sanctuary, a small town , and bridge that has fought off the infection, they even have electricity. But I’m not sure how much longer we can last, running out of time, out of food, out of water, and most of all, out of ammo."

Lego Zombie Theater

Lego Zombie Theater

A movie theater is swarmed with zombies as employees and citizens run for their lives. This is an entry for The Big Toy Hut's Zombie Contest.