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Pope Francis Quotes

Pope Francis is an inspiration not only to Catholics, but people of all faiths around the world. I am not a Catholic but I really appreciate Pope Francis, he seems so common and he Loves children. A Lovely Godly man! can we please act like it and not turn the Heavenly Banquet of the Lamb into an earthly dinner party, a "mere meal between friends"? From the Old Testament to the New Testament, priests have always offered sacrifice. Jesus is High Priest, Prophet, King, and Sacrificial Victim. At Mass, we  participate in His act of perfect worship on Calvary. That is indeed a joyous undertaking, but it is also sober: it is not meant to be "fun." Having fun and joy aren't the same, and Calvary wasn't…

Pope Paul VI - This is true we pray the five types of prayers Adoration, expiation, petition, love, and thanksgiving .