Moss graffiti

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Moss graffiti uses moss as a natural media medium.

junkculture: Moss Graffiti Art Installation by Jennifer Ilett and Sprout Guerrilla Graffiti Art, Graffiti En Mousse, Hello Goodbye, Moss Wall, Green Wall Art, Amazing Street Art, Stencil Patterns, Yarn Bombing, Guerrilla

jennifer ilett grows hello/goodbye graffiti from moss

using living botanicals as her medium, toronto-based artist jennifer ilett's has created a 'hello / goodbye' moss graffiti diptych.

Timberlands signage in Berlin

Timberlands signage in Berlin

Made for trade show in Berlin for Timberlands. Produced by Guerilla Marketing, Moss Graffiti, Green Marketing, Timberlands, Guerrilla, Berlin, Advertising, Natural, Amazing

Made for trade show in Berlin for Timberlands. Produced by

Ribbon of white stairs on moss-covered cave - Ann Demeulemeester Shop in Seoul, designed by Mass Studies, architecture by Cho,Minsuk + Park,Kisu

Japanese Garden Design

Authentic Japanese garden design might seem like a difficult thing to duplicate when in actuality Moss Acres can make this an easy process. Simply witnessing the beautiful design of a Japanese rock garden is breathtaking. The serene, soothing nature of each design brings peace to whoever is standing before it. However,

Growing Moss In An Outdoor Garden - - If you want to grow moss in your outdoor garden, here are several information for you. If moss already grows in your outdoor garden, cultivating more comes easily.

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