Gregorius Narendra

Gregorius Narendra

Gregorius Narendra
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Ikat from Roti, Roti Group, Indonesia

Pusaka Collection of Indonesian Ikat * Textile Roti Group, Roti, Indonesia, Warp ikat

Warp Ikat Hinggi from Sumba,Indonesia (Back strap Loomed - Hand Dyed)

Traditional Woven Ikat Cloth, Sumba, Indonesia I like these motifs, they look like a kind of totem with human's pictures and wonderful garmonized colour!

Pretty color of Kain songket. Traditional cloth from Palembang, Indonesia!

Pretty color of Kain Songket (Songket fabric) Traditional cloth from Palembang, Indonesia

Handwoven Textile from the Ayoutupas district of Timor, Indonesia

The frogs family depicted at the lower panel of handwoven from Ayoutupas district