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Self harm quotes | I do a lot of these things especially the last one

*sigh* maybe we should help him & tell him it's okay if he likes Barbara. No matter how much it hurts us, he deserves love & happiness. <<< I agree. He's been waiting so long I think he deserves to be happy.

Unless it was an accident, then it's not ok. Apology accepted, but the action was not ok. (Lesson I teach students and offspring.

27 Eerie Abandoned Places From Around The World. The House In The Woods Is Terrifying - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

Overgrown palace – poland Was used as home for polish royalty until the country became under communist rule and it turned into an agricultural school and a home for mentally handicapped adults and children


I am a Christan. I am not perfect, but God is working in me. I am a mess, but I am His mess. I am a Christian, and the day will come when I am by His side. All He's done in me will be completed. And when that day comes it will all be worth it.