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Merpati Mtc
Gd.Basarnas Lt. M2 Kemayoran Jakarta
Merpati Mtc
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1960s Stewardesses

Swedish stewardess Birgitta Lindman, who is with the Swedish SAS airline, examines a showgirls costume after rumors of shorter skirts for air hostesses, Jan. (Harry Todd/Fox Photos/Getty Images) - Glamour in the Skies: Vintage Air Travel Photos

Lufthansa Promotional Photo, 1970’s —

Old Uniform, Lufthansa German Airlines. Have you seen stewards now ? Fly to Munich from london with Lufthansa or BA

flight attendants

The airline hostess/stewardess. PSA Airlines (Pacific Southwest) of the ~ Heart-shaped Hats :))) ? Or, are they mid-century "Boomerang-Shaped-Mod Facinators Of The Day?

cool A Full Closet Is Hidden Under This Bed by

Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle, has created what they call a ‘Container Bed’, which is a normal bed that has been raised to include storage underneath. It’s a solution designed for small apartments that often don’t have enough storage space.

A-10s. These planes have guns so massive, they have to build the plane around the gun.

rocketman-inc: “Fairchild Republic Thunderbolt II is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early ”