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Starting a Bullet Journal - tips and suggestions

As September inches closer, dread about the new school year mixes with your lofty goals of getting straight As and staying super organized, put together, and on top of everything.

Free sewing tutorial: Zippered sketch wallet -- holds a small sketch book on one side and pens/pencils on the other

My boyfriend recently got a sketch wallet for himself -- in leather no less -- to hold just a few sketching essentials. Namely a Moleskine and a pencil and pen. Sometimes if the mood suits him he'l.


I absolutely love this quote about reading and having a fulfilling life. Books can provide amazing adventures that we would otherwise be unable to experience. - "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

Pencil Cases

I’ve always liked school supplies. I get happy just smelling the new notebooks and pencils, and Oli (my eight-year-old) is the same way. I figured it’d be nice for her to have a cute pencil case for storing her things and taking them to school.