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Feldspars, the primary high temperature flux, melt less than you think.

Feldspar is a natural mineral that, by itself, is the most similar to a high temperature stoneware glaze. Thus it is common to see alot of it in glaze recipes.

Cone 6 - 7 Glaze Recipes. Cone 6 tenmoku. hard to believe for cone 6, but i'll try it!

Cone 6 - 7 Glaze Recipies Forest Green Gerstley Borate 49 EPK 19 Flint 32 Total 100 Soda Ash Chrome 2 Cobalt Carbonate 1 Bentonite 2 Use chromium oxide for chrome. Glaze is a glossy deep green color. recipe Black With Gold, Cone 6

Category: Glaze, Blue, Author: Glazy Admin, Notes: I can't put my hands on that copy of CM right now, but I did copy into my glaze notebook the two rutile glazes in that article. Rutile Blue II is a glaze I am still using. recipe Matte Black (similar to Rudy's Black), Cone 6

Matte Black (similar to Rudy's Black) Cone 6 Custer Feldspar Edgar Plastic Kaolin Whiting Zinc Oxide Red Iron Oxide Silica Cobalt Oxide Total 100 Comments: For more details Matt. Blue / grey effect if used over white (e. recipe Astor#23 Serie Cu/Fe 52, Cone 5-6

Category: Glaze, Black, Author: Clara Giorello, Notes: **Not passed the lemon test**