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Naruto OCG

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Alex - Líder da Anbu, estrategista, membro do conselho de defesa.
Filipe - Líder das equipes táticas dá anbu, estrategista, membro do conselho de defesa.
Gustavo - Jounin Diplomata, representante da paz, estrategista, presidente do grupo de historiadores e membro do conselho de defesa.

Mestres Konoha

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Anbu Konoha

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The Crossover Game: Lee Hatake (Naruto Universe) by LeeHatake93
CM NARUTO Haruki Tamashiro by effasempai

Jounin konoha

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[CM 1/3] Riku Sarutobi Shippuden reference by JuliettaSan
Kimi Seiya - older version by KeikoLysea

Chunin Konoha

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4 Genderbender Uzumaki Arico by Hvostik
[AT] MaiRingo by tsurugami

Genim Konoha

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Litten by FeyNeko
Incineroar (slight) redesign by Kipine<<< This should've been the actual evolution
Nyala en Twitter: "グルニャァ… "


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Ayame Inoue (New Outfit) by george3222
Ranmaru Shokudai by Rai-len

Mestres Sunagakure

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CM: Masaki by Shiroi-hi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Nekuta Kamizuru by mattwilson83 on DeviantArt

Jounin Sunagakure

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[OC] Entenka Jinkai by kii-wi
6.25.17*:・゚✧:::`Naruto Settei Commission (3/3) for Alvaera`:::*:・゚✧ I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO DRAW A MASCULINE LOOKING GUY OMFG He's so cute wtf look at t...

Chunin Sunagakure

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Collab with NATSUMl by MaiRingo

Genim Sunagakure

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"You must have forgotten.... you will remember... you will know... pain"  Super dope! collaboration made by:@uchidrawing &…
He was born in a family where everyone is trained from childhood to be a real warrior. He is brave, honest, and responsible assembled. For combat Yuu uses his wooden stick.&nbsp...
Fucuie Kasia by Emtibiel


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[TG] Cool as Ice by kii-wi
commission: Amio Keiko 2 by whiterabbit20 on DeviantArt
Winter dreams by AkinaSilver


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Amongst the wolves 🐺 - Commission for the bro @alpha_lyc4n. Im slowly making my way into the world of digital painting lol Experimented…
CM: Ritoru by Chloeeh
Evolution of Raiken by osy057

Mestres Kumogakure

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Kyo's Reference by steeleaww

Jounin Kumogakure

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Commission- Minamoto Kugashira by osy057 on DeviantArt
Numaru Oyadama
Tamao Hoshineko Char.  Folha por afo2006

Chunin Kumogakure

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Katsui by ClaudiaPoland on DeviantArt

Guenin Kumogakure

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Commission for Doku by Hvostik
some cool Naruto oc's   NOT MINE!
Reference sheet - Banshee by DashkaChi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


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Commission: Keidan by IAcediaI.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Y/N is not the son of Kushina but rather another Uzumaki named Miko w… #action #Action #amreading #books #wattpad
Team Cerulean Uzushio Kikyo hoshigaki Transform jutsu shark features, water specialist, cousin to kisame

Mestres Kirigakure

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Misuto Haruka dona da espada Samehada.

Jounin Kirigakure

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Oda Chino by Sana-Hakuryu on DeviantArt
Shiroi 2 by Shiroi-hi.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Bon-Bon and Luna by Mrs-w21 on DeviantArt

Chunin Kirigakure

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since my "inari seven swordsmen" deviation stood out as the most popular in my gallery, I decided to redraw it -Naruto property of Masashi Kishimoto -Design
Matsuda Takeo by osy057
Nisshoku Kokona Char. Sheet by afo2006.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Guenin Kirigakure

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Commission : Bara by mkw-no-ossan
NARUTO OC- Aori by fisher903
O mundo ninja anda tendo muitas dificuldades, a aliança Shinobi quer … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad


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Adoptable: Old Oc(Closed) by xZom-Zom
Outfit Sheet| Enzeru by xZom-Zom


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Training session by PitchblackFairytails
AT: Itachi-kun... by tonemi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
IKU by LollipopShana


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Tsumiki Naruto RPC/OC Full Appearance by DazzlingEmerald
Naruto oc
Zodíaco do Porco: Hayabusa

Mestres Iwagakure

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