you’ve been here before.
1,399 Pins
an image of two houses that are in the grass
Strangely familiar
an escalator leading up to the bed bath and beyond sign in a building
an empty grocery store filled with lots of food
40 Pics Of Slightly Unsettling “Liminal Spaces”
an unfinished room with two mattresses in the corner and sheets on the floor next to it
a swing set in the middle of a forest at night with a fallen tree over it
everything is fine
an empty subway tunnel with no people in it
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many clocks are floating in the air with blue sky behind them
a bedroom with wood paneling and two windows
♡ ethel cain ♡
there is a pink bed with many stuffed animals on it
Bed of Pink Fluffiness +1
some deer are laying in the grass near a house at night with their headlights on
the ceiling fan is brightly colored and has hearts on it
a dark hallway with graffiti all over the walls and floor, leading to another room
"My, my~ Dear old Friend~"
a bird standing in front of a building on a foggy day with the words sometimes quiet is violent
Ferte In Noctem Animam Meam