Chikio is a Japanese high school student who we met in Harajuku. Her look include black lipstick, a nose ring, resale fashion, YOSUKE platform chain.

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We met Daisuke on the street in Harajuku near the famous LaForet Department Store (where he works). He was wearing a wide brim hat with an Unplugged jacket, LHP skinny jeans, Raf Simons x Dr. Martens boots, and a Monomania leather tote bag.

We met English-speaking Crimson Skeleton on the street in Harajuku tonight. His look features a bomber jacket from the Harajuku shop Monomania with LHP skinny jeans, Topman suede boots, and a boxing glove shaped bag from Japanese brand Blonde Cigarettes.

Marina's dip dyed twin tails hairstyle caught our eye in Harajuku. She told us that her satin jacket & dress are from Candy Stripper and her platform.

Momoko on the street in Harajuku with green hair and piercing along with a UNIF biker jacket, Uniqlo skinny jeans, and YRU ribbon laced.

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