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Siti Hadanatul
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5 Habits to Get Into Before the Semester Starts

We all let some habits slide over the summer. Working on these little things everyday right now can make a big difference in how your semester starts off.

All-nighters are exhausting and so stressful if you get behind in your schoolwork! Here's how one blogger said good-bye to all-nighters for good, and how you can, too!

School Tips I hear all the time about college students pulling all-nighters for their classes, and I’ve always wondered, “Why?” See, I’ve never had to stay up past my normal bed-time to…

This is an organic gardening secret that everybody should know! Deter snails & slugs naturally.

I save all of my eggshells & coffee grounds & sprinkle them around my hydrangeas & roses. The calcium is good for the roses & the coffee grounds make the soil more acidic for the hydrangeas. Organic Gardening - How to Deter Slugs and Snails With Eggshells

Map Gift Tag or Bookmark

Map Gift Tag or Bookmark: Shape gift tags and bookmarks out of old maps and laminate them for a longer shelf life. Consider punching a hole on top and tying a string — perhaps a piece of rope — to dress it up.