Collection by Hafiz Juwaini

A Shamshir: provenance: Georgia dimensions: length cm.

Sold Price: A shamshir - May 6, 0113 10:00 AM CEST

Straight, single-edged blade, with triple fuller, at the forte a deep star-shaped stamp; iron quillon with langets and straight arms ending in bulb, featuring remains of gold inlays depicting floral motifs; wooden grip with black leather covering, silver plaques nielloed with floral motifs and studs. Wooden scabbard with black leather covering, chape and bands decorated en suite with the quillon. provenance: Georgia dimensions: length 87,5 cm. dating: 20th Century

An important and rare silver mounted ceremonial and symbolical temple kris Bali, Century - While the kris is common in the Philippines, it is most associated with Indonesia. In Indonesia, the Kris is usually found on short swords, not balisongs.

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Kili-kili and Pangulu

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a sulawesi, toraja, gold keris

a sulawesi, toraja, gold keris

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