Every day is a second chance. Don't let anyone tell you different. Most importantly don't let anyone bring you down. Be a better Muslim for YOURSELF not anyone else

I'll better spend every day to be a better singer/dancer/artist etc. And you keep striving for your imaginary friend.


A real Muslim man will have gheerah for the way his wife dresses!

be with god: Halal is more beautiful and blessed

“Don’t expect your spouse to be perfect. He/she is only the dunya version of themselves. Their ‘perfect’ version is saved for jennah.

Halal love only starts after marriage :)

Today we are very excited to post Inspirational Islamic Quotes with beautiful images. Majority of Muslims feels excited to share and read beautiful Islamic

Simple is best and the way I like it to be! :) May Allah (azza wa jal) make our nikah easy and simple and at the same time enjoyable, Ameen. #islam #marriage #blessed

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The most blessed nikkah (marriage) is the one with the least expenses.