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Kyungsoo can't take it anymore!

MIND BLOWN. Kyungsoo baby is much better than that idiot though


And a fun fact side note: I don't even know who that guy on the left is! All I see is my little Kyunsoo looking adorably squishy *ω* hahhah the guy on the right is Zayn from


“I wasn't inform that Park Chanyeol is a part of 5 Seconds of Summer fandom before”

"Listen" - EXO's 'Don't Go' //Exo Facts. [credits to photo owner]

Who cares what country ue Girls are from. lol he like PH girls. i still Don't Care my heart Belongs to Ue forever ♥ Do Kyungsoo Oppa.

[credits to photo owner] same except I'm VERY scared of the dark.

EXO Facts #690 ♥

HunHan *evil smirk* [thinks of the reality] *Cries a lot*

EXO FACT ♡ #KPOP - 106

It's such a cute fact and his face makes it even more adorable :)