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four watercolor paintings are shown on the wall in different colors and sizes, each with an individual's own landscape
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someone is drawing flowers with watercolors on paper
several paintings are arranged on a white sheet and one is framed with an old clock
some pink flowers are on a white paper and some colored crayons with tape
Summer Paintings Launching June 20, 2024!
Time stands still for me when I’m staring at the vast beauty of a sunset, getting lost in the clouds and their mesmerizing formations. The way the clouds bend the last rays of sunlight in whichever direction they please, causing the light to dance across the grass and skip across the water like a pebble determined to make it across the whole march before the light dips behind the horizon…
Ocotillo painting in progress
Sunrises at willowhouse_ plus ocotillo sprinkling the landscape make for one happy painter. I started this piece today and always enjoy watching the timelapse, so I can see the painting come to life.